Hello: My name is Mediaspike

Cost-per-lead 101

In 2001, we entered the education lead generation industry with only 2 college clients. Today, we proudly work with over 150!

How did we do it? One word: QUALITY. Our lead generation philosophy focuses solely on the goals of our college clients. We provide custom approaches for each school on a cost per lead basis. It’s a partnership from day one.

Pay for performance

No matter the size of your marketing budget, we can build a successful and scalable campaign. Working on cost per lead lets our clients pay for only what they receive.

Wicked smart technology

Our lead process is powered by a lead matching engine that runs advanced algorithms to deliver a school match based on thousands of attributes.

One on one

Every client will get individual attention to their school’s goals. We take a very hand’s on approach to every campaign to ensure our client’s are satisfied and keep their enrollments growing.