Quality Solved

No two leads are created equal. Our education lead generation process features FOUR layers of quality control; Validation, Verification, Scoring, and Segmentation. Every leads goes through this process to ensure:

  • All leads are verified and contactable by phone or email.
  • All leads are scored to gauge their interest in enrolling
  • All leads are validated against client regulations
  • All leads are matched to specific student segments

We stand behind the quality of the leads we deliver.

Deliver students, not leads

Our approach starts with the end goal; an enrollment into a client's degree program. By focusing on the end, we can build custom marketing plans to provide messaging, program insight, and relevant school matches that help deliver an informed student rather than a simple lead.

Segment your students

Each school wishes to target specific students. Based on demographic attributes, we build custom student segments for our school clients. With segmentation, we are able to build a lead campaign that delivers the right students to the right schools at the right price.

Pre-Ping ready

If you're a school or an agency that already has developed a custom score or custom segment, we are 100% willing to pre-ping your database to ensure quality standards are met. Our technology is flexible to meet the marketing needs of a variety of programs.